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    Federal Student Program Highlights

  • Internship Resume Guidelines

    Headline & Education


    Headline: A well-branded headline that includes the student applicant’s full name and contact information, including a cell phone number, a home phone number, primary residence address, and both personal and school email addresses.
    Education: The name(s) of the accredited college, university, or community college where the student applicant was either previously enrolled or is currently enrolled. Include the location of the school(s) (city, state), date of actual graduation or anticipated graduation (month, year), degree(s), and grade point average (GPA).

    Professional & Volunteer Experience


    Professional: Details about the organizations where the student applicant worked, including the name of the organization, the location, the dates of employment, position title, and a brief description of job duties. Avoid the use of acronyms.

    Volunteer: Details about the organizations where applicants volunteered, including the name of the organization, the location, the dates of volunteer work, position title (if applicable), and a brief description of volunteer duties. Avoid the use of acronyms.

    Awards, Honors, Activities


    Include grants and scholarships, academic honors, and educational and professional affiliations.

    Certificates, Licenses, References

    Include any relevant certifications or licenses.

    References: Include the full name, email address and phone number for at least one of each type of reference: professional, educational, and personal.

    Links to Helpful Sources for Resume Building:

  • Federal Student Program Highlights

    Are you a current student looking to kickstart a rewarding career in the federal government? Explore a variety of student programs below with The Department of State designed to provide you with hands-on experience, professional development, and a pathway to a fulfilling career.

    Why Join a Federal Student Program?

    • Real-World Experience: Gain practical experience working alongside experts in various federal agencies.

    • Professional Development: Access training, mentorship, and networking opportunities to enhance your skills and career prospects.

    • Pathway to Employment: Many programs offer potential for permanent positions upon successful completion.


    How to Apply: View the documents below and visit the State Department Website HERE to find detailed information on eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and submission guidelines. Sign up for email alerts on their website HERE, to stay up to date on their opportunities.

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